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Stair Glides Make Maryland Homes Accessible

Advantage Medical Services understands that your mobility issues can affect getting around the house, including getting up and down the stairs. With a new stair glide for your Maryland home, it’s easy to get around the house. We have indoor and outdoor options with straight rails and curved rails to fit your stairs. Trust our 20 years of helping customers keep their homes fully accessible throughout the state of Maryland.

man using stair glide

Stair Glide Models We Sell & Install

Advantage Medical Services has a variety of stair glides available for your home, including those from the trusted brand Bruno®. You can choose from the Electra-Ride™ III Indoor Custom Curved-Rail Stair lift, Electra-Ride™ LT Straight-Rail, and the Electra-Ride™ II Straight-Rail. We’ll help you find the model that best suits your stairs and your needs. Some other examples of stair lifts from Bruno® include the following:

Call to Learn Your Options

For homeowners with mobility issues in a multi-story home, we invite you to give Advantage Medical Services a call for a free estimate on a stair glide. We’re a local company that offers service to the whole state of Maryland.

Get a Free Estimate for Better Mobility