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Vehicle Lifts for Maryland Drivers

Stay out and about with a vehicle lift to drive Maryland’s streets without worry of your mobility device. Advantage Medical Services has models from the highly trusted brand Bruno® with platforms, exterior towing, or hoists, so you can easily load and transport your wheelchair, scooter, or power chair for a safe drive.

woman using vehicle lift

Lift Models We Have Available

Advantage Medical Services has a variety of different styles of vehicle lifts available for installation, including the following:



This hoist-style lift is easy to use and space-efficient to keep third-row seating when your mobility device isn't in the car. It's perfect for scooters and power chairs.

Big Lifter

Big Lifter™

At the press of a button, this hoist-style lift raises your mobility device, and then you manually guide it into your vehicle. It's both affordable and reliable.



Raise and stow your folding manual wheelchair or travel mobility device in your car trunk. Just manually guide it into place, and you're ready to go.

chariot scooter lift


Transport your mobility device behind your car with this exterior lift. The independent suspension and 360-degree turning wheels make it easy to maneuver.

back saver


Roll your folded manual wheelchair onto the platform and safely raise it to travel on your vehicle's exterior. This lift holds up to 100lbs/45kgs, and it's designed for 22-inch or larger wheelchair rear wheels.

space saver


For vehicles with limited trunk space, use this take-apart, economical lift to load your mobility device for transport. Just assemble it, hook on the docking device, and press a button to lift it.

Joey Scooter Lift


This platform-style lift offers unmatched safety and ease of use. It gently tucks your scooter or power chair into the cargo area.

out-sider scooter lift


This exterior lift keeps your interior space completely vacant. The "Swing-Away" option lets you easily get to your cargo space. It's durable, safe, and reliable, and it's available for most types of vehicles.

out-sider scooter lift

Out-Sider® Micro

Get your three-wheel travel scooter to a destination with Bruno's® lightest scooter lift. This exterior lift's low-profile design minimizes obstruction of your rearview.

out-rider scooter lift


This wheelchair lift is designed just for pickup trucks. It sits by the truck cab, and you just connect it to your mobility device and push a button to lift and rotate it into the bed of your truck.

Call Today to Transport Your Mobility Device Easily

Give us a call today, and Advantage Medical Services will gladly give you a free estimate on a vehicle lift to simplify your transport needs throughout Maryland.

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